The scent of memories

When I was little, we had a large back garden and every spring/summer my dad would tend to it with love and care. I especially remember the peonies and lilacs, with their vibrant pink, purple and white blooms.

This morning I walked past a large lilac bush that reminded me of the one we had in the garden. The scent invoked memories of childhood.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, take time to stop and smell the flowers.



5 thoughts on “The scent of memories

  1. What a beautiful plant, we’ve got a lilac in the garden but it’s nowhere near as plentiful or vibrant as this. Fabulous photograph, thanks for linking up to 365.

  2. Lilac always reminds me of my nan and my Aunty Edith. Aunty had a HUGE lilac bush that had masses of lily of valley growing below it.

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